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Luckenbooth Brooch

It is a romantic Scottish tradition for the groom to give his bride a Luckenbooth brooch as a token of his love.

The brooch is in the form of a heart, or two intertwined hearts (for love), often topped by a crown (for loyalty). It may later be pinned to a baby’s clothing as protection from harm.

The name comes from the Luckenbooths (locked booths) of Edinburgh where jewellery and trinkets were sold. The brooches are also sometimes known as “Mary brooches” after Mary Queen of Scots, with people seeing the letter “M” formed by the intertwined heart design. 

One of our most popular Luckenbooths is from the Heathergems range, as shown - in sterling silver, dimensions 37 x 27 mm, note that the colour delivered may differ from image. . Another design is available here.