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How the Scots helped invent the modern world

April 23, 2016 1 min read

How the Scots helped invent the modern world

It is a fact that, nowadays, probably does not receive the sort of recognition that it ought to (at least outside of Scotland): but it is indeed true that many of the greatest inventions, discoveries, and innovations in modern history came about due to the intellect and sheer hard work of Scots.

The Scots have been at the forefront of innovation for many centuries, and their inventions and discoveries transcend all disciplines of science and engineering.

Their innovations include what are now fundamental to our lifestyle and well-being, including the telephone (Alexander Graham Bell), television (John Logie Baird), penicillin (Alexander Fleming), the MRI scanner (John Mallard and James Hutchinson), the ultrasound scanner (Ian Donald), as well as many more significant innovations and discoveries such as electromagnetics, radar, and insulin.

The Scots themselves take huge pride in their innovative history, and now it is great to see the launch of the Great Scots Foundation, an online platform which is dedicated to promoting the inventions and discoveries made by Scots, which is helping bring this knowledge and history to a wider global audience. 

You can visit the Great Scots Foundation website and Facebook page yourself by following the links below.

Website: http://greatscots.foundation/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greatscotsfoundation/

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