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Scots in Spirit Kilt Collection

Kilt options available

Scots in Spirit offers a comprehensive range of traditional and modern kilts made in Scotland and New Zealand in the tartan and fabric of your choice. Kilts available for purchase include: 
Premium Kilt - made in Scotland in the Tartan of your choice in 100% pure Scottish wool and hand finished by the very best kilt-makers using the finest tartans. Individually tailored for each customer, with a finish and feel that is simply superb, these kilts last generations.

Traditional Wool Kilt - our Scottish Cultural Symbol. Made-to-measure in Scotland in the Tartan of your choice in 100% pure Scottish wool. Traditionally made from 8-9 yards of fabric but can be made from less, particularly for those of slimmer build. Options of 4 yard box-pleated Kilt or the 5 yard sports Kilt.

Modern Fabric (PV) Kilt - an alternative to wool, with the same swing & heft but cooler. Our New Age PV Tartans cover most of the main Clans and some district and fashion options, are hard-wearing, machine washable and easy to maintain.

Casual Kilt -  the 5-yard Kilt is perfect for sports, party or outdoor activities or as a first kilt. We recommend using our New Age PV  tartans, but wool  tartan could also be used.

The Great Kilt - or Belted Plaid kilt was the all-purpose garment that kept people alive and working in the harsh Scottish climate. Nowadays, it's fun to wear and graceful with its sweeping drapes of fabric.

Utility Kilt - made in hard wearing heavy cotton for casual or day wear, a modern take on the traditional kilt. Available in black, khaki or Black Watch tartan. 

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 Visit our page how to measure your kilt size before placing your order with us.