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Photo Gallery

Our Photo Gallery aims to provide inspiration and ideas to help you develop "the look" for your own event. From formal to casual, we showcase some of the options our clients have chosen - often a mix of items they buy plus items they hire from us. Many thanks to them all for sharing their wonderful photos.

1. Finally - A Beautiful Wedding After Many Delays 

After first contacting us in 2020, Covid caused multiple postponements for this couple - but perseverance finally won the day in 2023!

The Groom stood out in his own Clan tartan kilt, complemented by hire outfits for his Groomsmen -
full Argyll outfits with Grey Granite kilts plus all the accessories. 



We think they look fabulous and it was a real privilege to play some part in helping to make it happen.

2. The Traditional Fly Plaid - An Eye-Catching Feature

Worn over the left shoulder and held in place with a plaid brooch, a plaid is the perfect way to add that point of difference for the groom, or for anyone attending a clan gathering, graduation or other formal occasion - a dramatic and traditional addition to Scottish formal attire.


The Groom and his men chose kilts in Isle of Skye tartan from our hire range, along with Argyll jackets - the tartan goes beautifully with the soft green of the bridesmaids' dresses. And the dog didn't miss out, he had a matching bow tie in the same tartan!


Cutting the cake with a traditional Scottish basket-hilt sword (provided by Scots in Spirit) was a fun way to further celebrate the Groom's Scottish heritage.


3. Ringing the Changes - Same Kilt, Different Jacket for a Different "Look"


Attending a weekend of formal and not-so-formal Scottish events required some different "looks"; this was achieved very simply by hiring a Blue Tweed Braemar Outfit for the less-formal occasion (left) supplemented by hiring an additional Argyll jacket, bow tie and hose. These, when worn with the same Isle of Skye kilt and other accessories, gave the more formal look (right).

(Note - Scots in Spirit dressed the gentleman only, the lady came up with her own beautiful outfits!)

4. Jacobite Outfits

One of our larger hire parties! Giving a casual look, all the guys are in one of our Black Watch kilts, with most opting for a simple cream Jacobite shirt, cream hose, sporran and Ghillie brogues. We suggested a black Jacobite shirt and Chieftain's vest for both the Bridegroom and Best Man, to differentiate them and provide a little more formality.


We also provided table runners in Black Watch tartan, and the same tartan for a cute little locally made baby kilt.

5. Braemar Jackets


The Groom, his brother/Best Man and his father (not in shot) bought complete outfits, sourced from our many Scottish suppliers. Kilts and ties are in MacKay Blue Ancient tartan, complemented by charcoal Braemar jackets and waistcoats, along with all the accessories. We bought extra tartan and provided locally-made matching waistcoats and sash for the littlies.


Some of the other accessories we supplied included semi-dress sporran, brogues, clan-crested sgian dubh, belt with clan-crested buckle, and our fabulous deluxe Lewis hose in Ancient Blue which matched the kilts perfectly! Also the Bride's mini-rosette shoulder sash in the same tartan, used to welcome her to the Clan in a "Pinning the Tartan" ceremony.

6. Braemar Tweed Jackets in Midnight Blue


In Scotland, tweed jackets and vests are now often chosen in place of more formal styles. So we have added tweed options to our hire range, including the Midnight Blue tweed Braemar jackets worn here. The Groom opted to have us make him a kilt to go with his brother's (who already owned a kilt in the family's McPherson Hunting tartan).


Others in the party hired our Black Watch kilts, this versatile dark blue tweed looks great with both tartans. Touches to differentiate the Groom include his matching tailor-made tartan tie and flashes, with dark socks. The wee lad wears one of our boy's kilts (in Black Watch) and one of our boys' sporrans. 



We also dressed the Groom's father, who opted for the formal look with a Prince Charlie jacket & vest with a bow tie, teamed with a hire kilt in our Grey Granite tartan.  And check out this great idea for one of our stag antler Sgian Dubhs - the Groom had the handle inscribed with a famous Robbie Burns quote.   

7. The Argyll Outfit 


The Groom had his own kilt in Grey Spirit tartan (similar to the Grey Granite tartan in our hire range), and hired the rest of his outfit from us. 


The Argyll jacket & vest combo is very versatile, here you see it teamed with a Victorian-collar shirt and silver shantung ruche tie to give a more formal look, completed by the black dress sporran. The black hose look great with this tartan.

8. Argyll (Waistcoat Only) Outfit


Another look for our Grey Granite tartan, this time teamed with 5-button Argyll waistcoat, Victorian-collar shirt, dark grey ruche tie and dress sporran.


No jacket, but a very smart look and cool enough for a very hot day!

9. A casual look for the Groom


The Groom had his own kilt, but bought a range of accessories from us to complete his outfit - a striking dress sporran, embossed kilt belt and thistle-mount buckle along with a sgian dubh and attractive thistle kilt pin. 


Traditional handfasting ties were a feature of the ceremony, which took place in a romantic woodland setting. 

10. Best Dressed at the School Ball

 The full formal Prince Charlie look is a hard act to beat, several of our clients have won the  "best dressed" title at balls and dinners.

Our best-dressed lad bought one of our wool-blend kilts in Grey Watch tartan, and hired his Prince Charlie jacket and accessories for his School Ball. Here's another view of him as he steps up to accept his prize - very smart!

11. The Versatile Kilt - Great For Both Formal And Casual Occasions.

Our client purchased his kilt from us (it is in the very attractive Buchanan Blue tartan) for a formal occasion. But as you can see, it is also perfect for casual wear, such as here outside the Scots in Spirit stand at the Paeroa Highland Games.