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Dress Sporrans

Dress Sporran are manufactured in a range of leathers, furs, tartans and tweeds with different cantles, cantle mounts and tassel chains to meet all needs. These can be individualised to a great degree so feel free to ask for what you want. This range is still the best priced Scottish Handmade Sporran range available. All come complete with sporran chains

We show sporrans in standard black leather with the basic off-white, grey, brown and black furs with nickle cantles but you can choose any combination. Included in the illustrations are cross chains (SGT6, SGT7) and Antique finished cantles (SGT20, SGT23) to give you a feel for the look. Below is a list of options that can be added, together with their costs.

These sporrans are also available in Brown leather. For more information about brown leather options, including pricing, contact Graham on (09) 971 7694 or graham@scotsinspirit.com.