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Dress Sporrans

Originating in the Scottish Islands, perhaps even Ireland, many people believe the sporran was originally designed as a bag to keep the hunger at bay.  A pouch that would have been used for storing food, probably oats or similar when people were away from home for long periods or long journeys.

Stephen McGrew with kilts & Sporran

Dress Sporrans come in a range of leathers and furs, with different colours, cantles and tassel chains. Many can be individualised - eg, type and colour of leather and fur; cantles in many designs with either shiny chrome or antique (matte) finish; tassel chains either single or cross-chained etc. The images and menus below offer quite a selection of options and costs, but feel free to ask about a different combination. All come complete with sporran chains.

While black is the traditional leather colour for Dress Sporrans, brown leather is becoming increasingly popular - check our fantastic selection of brown sporrans below, we have brown Ghillie Brogues and Kilt Belts to match.