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Your Scottish Wedding


A kiss for the Bride

How can we help make your Wedding Day special?

Scottish, Irish, Welsh - they all share a Celtic background, and your Special Day is made more so by wearing cultural apparel and including other Scottish or Celtic touches. We offer so much to make your wedding day a success, including:

  • Kilt Hire for the Groom's party - as formal or as casual as you want - even the Great Kilt (ancient dress)
  • Kilt Purchase options for the groom and others - plus all the other accessories and full consultation on available Scottish, Irish and Welsh tartans
  • Liaison with your dressmaker on tartan fabric for trimming the Bride's, Bridesmaids'  and Flower Girls' dresses
  • Kilt outfits for children including accessories
  • Jewellery with Scottish or other Celtic themes - wonderful gifts for bridesmaids and others. Three collections to check: Art PewterHeathergems and H&Y
  • Many other gifts and accessories - scroll down to see a selection below
  • We can put you in touch with a Piper near you

    Read on, and check out the products shown below for a range of other ideas and products to add a Scottish/Celtic touch to your day!

    A Quaich Ceremony - drink from the traditional Scottish/Celtic two-handled cup to celebrate the bond between the couple and between the two families.

    Pinning the Tartan - welcome the bride (or groom) into their new Clan by pinning on a piece of the Clan tartan.

    Handfasting - wrap tartan ribbons around the hands of the bride and groom as a symbol of their union. 

    Photo Gallery - get ideas and inspiration from some of the options chosen by our clients.

    We are constantly updating our collections and services and have many years of experience with Wedding detailing  - so if there is something you haven't found here that will make your day a memorable one, contact us via our Contact Form or just email graham@scotsinspirit.com

    Wedding Gifts and Accessories (scroll down):