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Your Celtic Wedding


A kiss for the Bride

How can we help make your day special?

Scottish, Irish, Welsh - that Special Day is made more so by wearing cultural apparel and including other Celtic touches. We offer so much to make your wedding day a success, including:

  • Kilt Hire for the Groom's party - as formal or as casual as you require
  • Kilt Purchase options for the groom and others
  • Liaison with our experienced dressmakers on tartan fabric for the Bride's and Bridesmaids' dresses
  • Kilt outfits for children including accessories
  • Scottish/Celtic-themed jewellery as gifts (for bridesmaids etc) - check our three collections, Art PewterHeathergems and H&Y
  • We can put you in touch with a Piper near you

    Read on, and check out the products shown below for a range of other ideas and products to add a Scottish/Celtic touch to your day!

    A Quaich Ceremony  - drink from the traditional Scottish/Celtic two-handled cup to celebrate the bond between the couple and between the two families.

    Pinning the Tartan- welcome the bride (or groom) into their new Clan by pinning on a piece of the Clan tartan.

    Handfasting - wrap tartan ties around the hands of the bride and groom as a symbol of their union.

    We are constantly updating our collections and services and have many years of experience with Wedding detailing so if there is something you haven't found here that will make your day a memorable one - please contact us so we can help. Email graham@scotsinspirit.com