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NZ Pipe Band Championships - Results and Recordings

March 18, 2016 1 min read

NZ Pipe Band Championships - Results and Recordings

The annual New Zealand Pipe Band Championships were recently held in Feilding over Friday 11 March and Saturday 12 March.

The championship results were as follows:

Grade 1 Champions - Canterbury Caledonian Society

Grade 2 Champions - St Andrew's College

Grade 3 Champions - Wellington Red Hackle

Grade 4A Champions - Scottish Society of New Zealand

Grade 4B Champions - St Andrew's College B

A full break down of results can be found on the Royal New Zealand Pipe Band Association's website at http://www.nzpipebands.org.nz/contests/

Thanks to the team at Brassbanned, this years' Championships also held the distinction of being the first to be streamed online. You can access links to YouTube recordings of the stream at http://event.5stream.com/10229

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