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Australian National Pipe Band Championships

September 26, 2016 1 min read

Australian National Pipe Band Championships

This weekend the biennial Australian National Pipe Band Championship will be held at Knox Grammar School in Wahroonga, Sydney.

Events will be held over Saturday 1 October and Sunday 2 October and will feature over thirty bands across Grades 4 to 1.

There will be also a strong Kiwi presence at the contest, with a number of New Zealand bands heading across the ditch to compete, including Manawatu Scottish No.3 and Cantebury Caledonian No. 3 in Grade 4, as well as the Foundation New Zealand Youth Pipe Band in Grade 2, which is composed of young pipers and drummers from various bands across New Zealand. There is also a large contingent of individual Kiwi players making their way over to compete with Australian bands.

The reigning national champions are Western Australia Police Pipe Band, based in Perth, who won the championship in 2012 and 2014.

For more information about the competition, head to https://australianpipebandchamps.com/

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