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Australian Pipe Band Championships Results

October 05, 2016 1 min read

Australian Pipe Band Championships Results

The Australian Pipe Band Championships have been and gone, with Western Australia Police once again being crowned national pipe band champions after winning the Grade 1 title. 

Other grade winners include Pipe Band Club in Grade 2, Scotch College (Melbourne) in Grade 3, and Brisbane Boys College No.1 in Grade 4.

The Foundation New Zealand Youth Band, made up of pipers and drummers from around the country, had a very successful weekend - taking out the Juvenile title and putting on a strong performance in Grade 2 which saw them pick up a win in piping in the MSR event. 

Among the rest of the Kiwi contingent, Canterbury Caledonian No.3 and Manawatu Scottish No.3 placed 3rd and 7th in Grade 4 respectively. 

To see a full breakdown of the results, head to the Australian Pipe Band Championships website here

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