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Clan Wall Plaques

November 21, 2017 1 min read

Clan Wall Plaques

Scots in Spirit is excited to introduce the latest addition to its Clan Collection range - Clan Wall Plaques. 

These Wall Plaques feature your Clan crest against a tartan backdrop of your choice. The crest and tartan are fixed on an expertly constructed wooden plate made from high quality materials, with either a natural chestnut or dark walnut finish.

Scots in Spirit offers three products in the Wall Plaques range: Scottish Clan Wall Plaques, which feature Scottish Clan crests and tartans, Irish Wall Plaques, which feature traditional Irish emblems and tartans, and Wedding Wall Plaques (or double plaques), which feature two sets of Scottish Clan crests and tartans.

Click here to view these products in our online store. 

For more information about Clan Wall Plaques, email us on graham@scotsinspirit.com or phone (09) 971 7694. 

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