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Gibson Bagpipes: one of the finest sounds in the world today

July 18, 2016 1 min read

Gibson Bagpipes: one of the finest sounds in the world today

Scots in Spirit is proud to offer Kiwis access to the incredible products from Gibson Bagpipes, one of the most well-known bagpipe brands in the world. 

The company was founded by successful bagpiper and engineer Jerry Gibson in 1978 after Jerry set out to build a set of bagpipes based on a prizewinning set of the renowned MacDougal of Breadalbane pipes.

Jerry himself spent many months working on these pipes in order to carefully reconstruct the sound and incredible tonal depth of the MacDougal's. Today, these pipes are known as the Gibson R-110 series bagpipe, and stand alongside many other great products from Gibson Bagpipes. 

Now based in New Hampshire, all products from Gibson Bagpipes are masterfully constructed, vigorously tested, and fine-tuned by professional craftsmen, engineers, and leading Grade 1 bagpipers. Products not only include the Great Highland Bagpipe, but also Ceilidh Pipes and Fireside Pipes, as well as practice chanters, reeds, and other piping accessories.  

If you would like to know more about Gibson Bagpipes and the products that we offer, head to the Gibson product page on our website http://www.scotsinspirit.com/collections/gibson-bagpipes or contact Graham on (09) 971 7694 or graham@scotsinpirit.com. 



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