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Hawkes Bay Highland Games 2019

May 01, 2019 1 min read

Hawkes Bay Highland Games 2019

The Hawkes Bay Highland Games, held annually at Lindisfarne College in Hastings on Easter weekend, features events in solo piping and highland dancing, and includes some of the country's most coveted championships. 

Last year was the first year of a piping competition new to New Zealand, the Lindisfarne Dirk and Sgian Dubh Double MSR (March, Strathspey and Reel). Following the same format as that of the Glenfiddich Piping Championship in Scotland, competitors submit a list of several marches, strathspeys and reels, and then play one of each, twice through.

As an old boy of Lindisfarne, Graham was very pleased to donate the trophy for this event – an engraved Dirk on a macrocarpa mount, accompanied by a Sgian Dubh kept by the winner.

Our hearty congratulations go to the winner for 2019 - Greg Wilson of Christchurch. He is pictured above holding the mounted Dirk, together with the Rector of Lindisfarne College, Mr Ken McLeod (at right) and Graham and Sue Foggin from Scots in Spirit.

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