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Introducing: DrummingMad

February 27, 2018 1 min read

Introducing: DrummingMad

Scots in Spirit is excited to introduce DrummingMad to its range of pipe band drumming supplies.

The DrummingMad range includes high quality and affordable products that are ideal for beginner snare drummers. 

Scots in Spirit currently supplies the following four DrummingMad products: 


The StartPad is designed with beginners in mind, with an attractive design and visual aids to develop accurate playing. The pad also produces a robust volume and is great in a drum corp setting. 


These sticks are designed specifically to suit the hands of younger players, who may struggle handling larger and heavier sticks. The sticks also have visual aids which encourage good technique and prevent bad habits from forming at the outset. 


QuickStart Book

This book is a great resource for any beginner player, and covers the basics needed to get underway with snare drumming, including stick positioning and how to strike a drum. 

StartPack by DrummingMad

The StartPack provides the best tools to start your snare drumming, your students, or your drum corps on the right track, featuring three essential DrummingMad products: the StartPad, StartSticks Jr and QuickStart book.


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