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Northland Caledonian Pipe Band presents: "Spirit of the Glens"

August 22, 2017 1 min read

Northland Caledonian Pipe Band presents:

The Northland Caledonian Pipe Band will be holding its annual concert on Sunday 1 October, this year entitled "Spirit of the Glens."

Held at the Capitaine Bougainville Theatre at Forum North, Whangarei, the concert will feature performances of traditional and modern Celtic music from the Northland Caledonian Pipe Band (with support from the New Braigh Ceilidh Orchestra) as well as other items from groups such as the Lothian Academy of Highland Dancers.

Tickets are available from Ticketek. You can purchase tickets online here

For all other information, contact the Band directly through their Facebook page or by emailing them on northcalpb@gmail.com. 


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