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The Lowlands!

September 05, 2019 1 min read

The Lowlands!

Big business day in Glasgow. Made the trip worthwhile in one day. Visited two suppliers on the way to Glasgow as well. Got lost too many times to count!

Left Glasgow for Irvine (more business) then started on Robbie Burns activity; his birthplace in Alloway, the Brig O' Doon and the Burns Monument. Great Museum as well.

Visited Culzean Castle (pronounced Cul - een) home of the Kennedy's - absolutely impressive. Saw the coast of Ireland from the Drawing room windows on a very clear day.

Weather to date has been fantastic. so far we don't believe the B.S. about Scottish weather.

Night in Stranraer - beautiful view over Loch Ryan from our bedroom. 

Next morning to Port Patrick. This and Stanraer are the traditional departure points for Ireland and even today CalMac and P&O run ferry services from Loch Ryan.

On to 3 ruined castles, Carsluith (the Browns), Cardoness, (the McCulloch's) and Threave ( the castle of Archibald the Grim Douglas). All very impressive. But the pick of ruins today was Sweetheart Abbey, a majestic church ruin from the 1200's built by Lady Dervorgilla to remember her husband John Balliol who was murdered by Robert Bruce. It was a Cistercian monastery as well.

Found Sue's Great Aunt's resting place in Castle Douglas and went on to Dumfries. High power travel and activity!


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