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Two Days and Underway!

August 23, 2019 1 min read

Two Days and Underway!

The flight was VERY long - enough said! But we made it. Manchester was very large and greyish. We had a few teething problems - first, our rental car was not there, so some delays and rearrangement there. Second, its hard to navigate through places you haven't been before, so we got lost quite a lot on the way to our hotel in Stockport - the Britannia, a stately old hotel with lots of paintings, and statues.


Our first business calls have been outstanding, very nice people and we've seen some lovely fabrics and other products. 

Our second night was at a lovely little pub in the rural town of Otley - the Horse and Farrier, lovely helpful people when we arrived rather tired. We saw some fabulous West Yorkshire scenery on the way, and have been amazed at the narrow roads and rows and rows of brick and stone houses - very picturesque. While going for a walk after dinner in Otley we were thrilled to hear bellringers practising at the local Church, a beautiful old stone building. Also saw a lovely little clocktower by the town square - only about 20 ft high, but perfectly formed.

We got a real sense of the great age of this place and the buildings.

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