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Gibson Bagpipes

Gibson has simply one of the best sounds in the world today

"Jerry’s long history in pipe bands and extensive engineering capabilities has given him an advantage in designing some of the best sounding bagpipe products available today. With this experience, it has allowed him to produce some of the most innovative, precision quality products that are available for the today’s pipers and pipe bands". (Piper ID)

Gibson manufacture a complete range of bagpipes from Great Highland Bagpipes to Firesides and Ceilidh pipes. They use the finest African Blackwood and Cocobolo as well as quality man-made materials.

During the process they are constantly checking and rechecking the integrity of the instrument. Every bagpipe that they manufacture is another opportunity to pursue perfection. They utilize traditional methods that have been perfected over the years as well as the incorporation of several unique customization options. 

Gibson Bagpipes provide not only a stunning fit and finish, but also a quality of tone that surrounds the piper and is sure to make an unforgettable impression.