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Pipers' Choice Bagpipes

The Pipers' Choice range of Highland Bagpipes offer you a great sets of bagpipes at an affordable price. 

These Bagpipes come ready to play, complete with the following: 

  • Bannatyne Medium Zip Bag.
  • Scots in Spirit Standard Bag Cover (Royal Blue with Silver Trim).
  • Scots in Spirit Standard Silk Cords (Silver).
  • Pipers' Choice Standard Chanter Reed (Hard, Medium, or Soft).
  • Pipers' Choice Standard Pipe Chanter (Poly or Wood).
  • Canning Drone Reeds.
If you would like to purchase any of the Pipers' Choice Highland Bagpipes with an alternative setup, contact Graham Foggin directly on (09) 971 7694 or graham@scotsinspirit.com.