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Scots in Spirit - Your Online Scottish Shop

Ceud mile failte - One Hundred Thousand Welcomes' to the Scots in Spirit site based in Northland, New Zealand. 

Man overlooking the Scottish Highlands

About Scots in Spirit

Scots in Spirit - our name reflects our belief that our heritage is a treasure to be celebrated and although we are 'Kiwis' we are still Scots in Spirit in the quiet of our souls.

We celebrate our Celtic roots by wearing the Kilt and Tartans, demonstrating our music and dance and celebrating the values our forebears brought here; a diligent work ethic, honesty, intellectual excellence, egalitarianism, and integrity; values that shaped our nation and are worthy of preservation.


We present the best in Scottish apparel and fabrics for the whole family, a full kilt outfit hire service, giftware and jewellery, bagpipes and drums, and heritage services like DNA testing.

Graham & Sue at Phil's Kitchen

Graham of Scots in Spirit

Who are we?

Graham Foggin

I formed Scots in Spirit Ltd as a means to pursue and share my passion for all things Celtic and to celebrate my Scottish cultural heritage. A visit to Scotland reawakened my Scottish connections, fired my interest in our history, and made me realise how much I had missed by not being closer to my cultural roots.

I am an Anderson on my father's side and a Mitchell on my mother's and although both families have been in New Zealand for many generations, the Scottish roots have always been recognised if not fully celebrated. As both family lines have connections to Clan Ross I also wear that tartan as I like red tartans!

I am a piper (social only) as were the eldest sons in my family for generations. I am a keen student of Scottish history, familial and clan connections, traditional dress and love reading Robert Burns.

Sue Foggin

Sue Foggin Whisky & Storytelling
Together through Scots in Spirit we hope to share our passion and expand our 'family of folk' with similar interests and a recognition that we have a viable, colourful and ancient cultural heritage worth preserving - please join us.