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Bruichheath Dance Tartans

Ailsa Navy Ailsa Royal Blue Birnam Blue
Canna Sapphire Harris Royal Blue Sunnart Sapphire
Comrie Navy Blue Lewis Navy Tiree Turquoise
Torridon Royal Blue Torridon Sapphire Gigha Green
Lewis Green Skye Green Uist Green
Gigha Lilac Harris Lilac Kyle Grape
Shiel Purple Shiel Lavender Ailsa Pink
Barra Fuschia Fyvie Magenta Kyle Pink
Lewis Magenta Shiel Magenta Sunart Pink
Ailsa Red Arduane Red Etive Burgundy
Gigha Cherry Lewis Red Shiel Claret
Torridon Burgundy Torridon Cherry Ailsa Gold
Ailsa Yellow Comrie Gold