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Clan Tartans K-Y

View the tartan options that can be ordered for items in our store. If you're not sure which one to choose, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Keith-Austin-Ancient Keith-Austin-Modern Kennedy Ancient
Kennedy Modern Kerr Ancient Kerr Modern
Kidd Ancient Kilgour Modern Kincaid Ancient
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Lamont Ancient Lamont Modern Lauder Modern
Lennox Ancient Lennox Modern Leslie Dress Red Modern
Leslie Green Ancient Leslie Green Modern Lindsay Ancient
Lindsay Modern Livingston Ancient Livingston Modern
Lochaber Ancient Logan Ancient Logan Modern
Lumsden Ancient    
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MacAlister Ancient MacAlister Modern 1810 Variant MacAlpine Ancient
MacAlpine Modern MacArthur Ancient MacArthur Modern
MacAulay Hunting Ancient MacAulay Red Modern MacBean Ancient
MacBean Modern MacBeth Ancient MacBeth Modern
MacCallum Ancient MacCallum Modern MacColl Ancient
MacColl Modern MacDonald Ancient MacDonald Dress Modern
MacDonald Lord of the Isles Blue Modern MacDonald Lord of the Isles Green Modern MacDonald Modern
MacDonald of Clanranald Ancient MacDonald of Clanranald Modern MacDonald of Keppoch Ancient
MacDonald of the Isles Hunting Ancient MacDonald of the Isles Hunting Modern MacDonell of Glengarry Ancient
MacDonell of Glengarry Modern MacDougall Ancient MacDougall Modern
MacDuff Ancient MacDuff Dress Modern MacDuff Hunting Modern
MacDuff Red Modern MacEwan Ancient MacEwan Modern
MacFadyen Modern MacFarlane Hunting Ancient MacFarlane Hunting Modern
MacFarlane Red Modern MacGill Ancient MacGill Modern
MacGillivray Ancient MacGillivray Modern MacGregor Hunting Modern
MacGregor Red Ancient MacGregor Red Modern MacHardy Ancient
MacHardy Modern MacIan MacDonald Glencoe Modern MacInnes Hunting Ancient
MacInnes Hunting Modern MacInroy Ancient MacIntosh Hunting Ancient
MacIntosh Hunting Modern MacIntosh Red Modern MacIntyre Hunting Modern
MacIntyre Hunting Ancient MacIntyre Red Modern MacIvor Modern
MacKay Modern MacKay Ancient MacKay Blue Modern
MacKay Morgan Blue Ancient MacKay Strathnaver Modern MacKellar Ancient
MacKenzie Ancient MacKenzie Modern MacKenzie Dress Modern
MacKillop Modern MacKinlay Ancient MacKinlay Modern
MacKinnon Hunting Ancient MacKinnon Hunting Modern MacKinnon Red Modern
MacLaine of Lochbuie Ancient Hunting MacLaren Ancient MacLaren Modern
MacLachlan Ancient MacLachlan Red Modern MacLean Hunting Ancient
MacLean Hunting Modern MacLean of Duart Ancient MacLean of Duart Modern
MacLellan Ancient MacLennan Logan Ancient MacLennan Logan Modern
MacLeod Lewis Dress Modern MacLeod Harris Hunting Ancient MacLeod Harris Hunting Modern
MacLeod Red Modern MacMillan Ancient MacMillan Old Modern
MacMillan Hunting Ancient MacMillan Hunting Modern MacNab Modern
McNaughton Ancient McNaughton Modern MacNeil of Colonsay Ancient
MacNeil of Colonsay Modern MacNeill Hunting Barra Ancient MacNeill Hunting Barra Modern
MacNicol Red Modern MacPhail Ancient MacPhail Modern
MacPhee Ancient MacPhee Modern MacPherson Dress Modern
MacPherson Hunting Modern MacPherson Red Modern MacPherson Red Muted
MacQuarrie Modern MacQueen Ancient MacQueen Modern
MacRae Conchra Dress Modern MacRae Dress Modern MacRae Grey Dress Modern
MacRae Hunting Ancient MacRae Hunting Modern MacRae Red Modern
MacTaggart Modern MacTavish Modern MacThomas Modern
MacThomas Ancient Malcolm Ancient Malcolm Modern
Marr Green Modern Marshall Modern Mathieson Hunting Modern
Mathieson Red Modern Maxwell Modern Melville Ancient
Melville Modern Menzies Black White Modern Menzies Hunting Modern
Menzies Navy White Modern Menzies Red White Dress Modern Middleton Ancient
Mitchell Russell Galbraith Hunter Modern Mitchell Russell Galbraith Hunter Ancient Moffat
Montgomery Modern Morrison Hunting Ancient Morrison Hunting Modern
Morrison Red Modern Muir Modern Munro Ancient
Munro Modern Murphy Murray of Atholl Ancient
Murray of Atholl Modern    
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Napier Modern Nicolson Ancient Nicolson Modern
Nisbet Modern Nova Scotia Modern  
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Ogilvie Hunting Ancient Ogilvie Hunting Modern Oliphant Ancient
Oliphant Modern    
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Princess Mary Modern    
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Ramsay Blue Ancient Ramsay Blue Modern Ramsay Red Ancient
Ramsay Red Modern Renwick Ancient Robertson Hunting Ancient
Robertson Hunting Modern Robertson Red Ancient Roberston Red Modern
Rollo Ancient Rose Hunting Ancient Rose Hunting Modern
Rose Red Modern Ross Hunting Ancient Ross Hunting Modern
Ross Red Modern Ross Red Muted Rothsey Red Modern
Royal Air Force Royal Canadian Air Force Russell Galbraith Mitchell Hunter Ancient
Ruthven Ancient    
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Scotland 2000 Scotland National Ancient Scotland National Modern
Scotland 2000 Scott Black White Modern Scott Brown Ancient
Scott Green Ancient Scott Green Modern Scott Red Modern
Scrimgeor Ancient Seton Ancient Seton Modern
Shaw Modern Shaw of Tordarroch Ancient Shepherd Black White
Sinclair Green Ancient Sinclair Green Modern Sinclair Red Ancient
Sinclair Red Modern Skene Ancient Smith Ancient
Smith Modern Somerville Ancient Spirit of Scotland
Stephenson (Stevenson) Ancient Stephenson (Stevenson) Modern Stewart Appin Hunting Ancient
Stewart Appin Red Modern Stewart Atholl Modern Stewart Black Modern
Stewart Camel Modern Stewart Dress Blue Muted Stewart Dress Modern
Stewart Dress Muted Stewart Hunting Ancient Stewart Hunting Modern
Stewart Navy Modern Stewart Prince Charles Modern Stewart Royal Modern
Strathdon Strathearn Ancient Strathearn Modern
Strathisla Stuart Bute Hunting Modern Sutherland Ancient
Sutherland Modern    
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Taylor Ancient Thompson Red Ancient Thompson Red Modern
Thomson Camel Thomson Dress Blue Modern Thomson Dress Grey Modern
Thomson Hunting Ancient Turnbull Ancient Turnbull Dress Modern
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Urquhart Ancient Urquhart Modern  
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Wallace Hunting Green Ancient Wallace Red Modern Watson Ancient
Watson Modern Weir Modern Wemyss Modern
Wilson Ancient Wilson Modern Wilson Muted
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Young Modern