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How to measure your head size

To determine your head (hat) size, measure your head as shown below, using a flexible tape measure (one made of plastic or cloth).


Head Measuring for Headwear

Measure circumference of head just above top of ears, as shown. Wrap tape gently around head making certain tape lies midway on your occipital bone (that little bump in the middle of the back of your head).

*Don't pull the tape too tightly or your hat will fit that tightly.

Measure 2 or 3 times to be accurate.

You now have your head (hat) size. Our model's head size, pictured here, is 23½".

If you don't have a flexible measuring tape, you can use a non-stretchy string (although this is not as accurate). After you have marked the exact circumference, lie the string down on a flat surface and measure the length with a flat ruler.