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How to measure your Kilt Size

It is essential that you measure yourself correctly for your kilt to fit perfectly, so here are some tips on measuring for kilts.

General suggestions for measuring

  • Get someone to measure you. This is the best way to ensure measurements are accurate.
  • Measure at least twice or until you are satisfied it’s correct.
  • Stand upright in a relaxed manner – don’t bend over. 

A. Waist Measurement
Measure around waist at navel height. Take measurement firmly, so that the kilt will sit comfortably without falling down.

B. Seat Measurement
Measure loosely around the seat at widest point.

C. Kilt Length
Kneel down with your chin up and knees 2-3" apart; measure from the navel to the floor. This should result in the finished kilt resting on the tops of the knees.

D. Full height
Without shoes on. This provides a useful check on the other measurements.

    If you need any more help, feel free to contact Graham on 021 2255251 or graham@scotsinspirit.com.