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Upcoming Highland Games and Scottish Cultural Events in New Zealand

September 18, 2016 1 min read

Upcoming Highland Games and Scottish Cultural Events in New Zealand

Summer is quickly approaching, and so to is the beginning of another six months of Highland Games, Competitions, Gatherings and other Scottish Cultural Events and Festivals.

Beginning in October, these events will be held in cities, towns, and communities in virtually every part of New Zealand, with each having their own unique focus or point of difference.

Many of these events, such as the Waipu and Turakina Highland Games, are very much held and organised in the fashion of a traditional highland games and have been for well over a hundred years, while other events are newer and have a stronger focus on the competitive aspect of Scottish music, arts, or sports, such as pipe bands or dancing. 

For a list of some of these events, head to the events page of the Combined Council of Scottish Societies website here. You will also find the websites and other contact details of many of the events listed on this page. 

Additionally, Scots in Spirit will be posting regular updates and notifications profiling upcoming events that we will be attending. You can keep up to date by following us on Facebook or joining our email list.

We are also working on publishing our own directory of Highland Games and other Cultural Events, so if you have or know of an event that you think should be included in this please email the event details to ryan@scotsinspirit.com. 


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