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Braemar Tweed Hire Outfit

Tweed jackets are increasingly popular and our Braemar Tweed outfits provide a  modern alternative to the traditional Argyll or Prince Charlie outfit for both formal and less formal occasions. Available in two colour choices, Midnight Blue or Mid Grey.

Consists of:  Kilt & kilt pin; Braemar-style tweed jacket & vest; wing-collar dress shirt & cufflinks; ruche tie to match your chosen tartan and tweed; Ghillie brogues; hose & flashes; sporran; kilt belt & buckle; sgian dubh.

FYI: Not all items are available in both our North Island and South Island depots, so there may be additional cross-strait freight charges. We will contact you and offer alternatives if necessary.

Click here to view the range of hire tartans available.

For help with completing measurements, please refer to our measurement guide. 

Note 1: If hiring more than one outfit, eg for several members of a wedding group - please complete a separate order (outfit and payment details) for each outfit. 

Note 2: If possible, please submit your order at least two weeks before the date needed. This makes it more likely we can supply what you need - and makes our busy lives a little easier!

Click for Full details of the Kilt Hire process including payment, delivery/return etc.