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Braemar Jacket & Vest

Jacket plus 5-button waistcoat. An alternative to the Argyll, the Braemar offers both day and evening options with a smart, modern look; a major advantage is that the Braemar cuff allows easier lengthening/shortening of the sleeve if necessary.

Pure wool 14 oz barathea (more suitable for the NZ and Australian climate) in black, navy or bottle green, with nickel Highland buttons. 

Size/Length options shown are for standard off-the-peg mens' chest and sleeve/body length. Contact us to discuss made-to-measure - Email graham@scotsinspirit.com Phone: +64 9 971 7694 Mobile: +64 21 225 5251

Imported to order.

If preferred, you can buy just the jacket - see Braemar Jacket Only. Can also be made in a tweed to complement your kilt - see Braemar Tweed Jacket & Vest