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Your First Outfit - Wool Blend Braemar Outfit

A perfect first kilt outfit for young people, or those who want an outfit at a very good price. The made-to-measure kilt is in wool blend 16 oz. (approx.) fabric, with over 70 tartans to choose from. The jacket and vest are a Braemar style in lightweight black wool blend to suit our climate, with black imitation bone buttons.

Comes with a package of accessories to complete the outfit from neck to toe including:

1. White standard collar shirt             2. Straight tie colour matched to your Kilt                



3. Plain black leather Kilt Belt                      4.  Belt buckle - Celtic design



5. Semi-Dress Sporran plus chain                 6.  Kilt Pin - Claymore design 



   7. Black Ghillie Brogues                            8. Ecru (Cream) or Black Kilt Hose



9. Flashes colour matched to the Kilt       10. Regimental-style Sgian Dubh



If you wish to select your own accessories you can do so and we will adjust the price as required.

Some components are not made in Scotland but are from reputable suppliers.

 See our measuring guide for help with taking your measurements.