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Gibson Bagpipe Chanters

Gibson Highland Bagpipe Chanters

Gibson Pipe chanters are performing admirably in competition and are increasingly being adopted as the pipe chanter of choice for Pipe Bands of all grades worldwide.

Many pipe bands across the United States and Canada have also found great success with the Gibson Bagpipe Chanter. The black wood as well as plastic is bright, well-balanced, exceptionally clear, easy to set, and not so sensitive to blowing or pressure variations. All these features will help generate a bright and more reliable sound for your band, whether you're in a world class band or a hard working street band, the Gibson Bagpipe Chanter will help achieve the sound you want. One of the unique characteristics in the design of our bagpipe chanters includes the boring of the holes before the chanter is shaped. This creates reliability in consistency that is uncommon in chanter construction. Our chanters help to alleviate the frustration of spending so much time tuning in the band environment. Below are some of the pipers who have come to rely on the Gibson sound

  • Pipe Major Dave Caldwell won the 1998 All-Ireland Open Solo playing a Gibson black wood Pipe Chanter and placed second in the 1998 Ulster Championships.

  • Eden Grade 1 Pipe Band of Northern Ireland, plays the Gibson black wood Pipe Chanter.

  • The famed Toronto Metropolitan Police grade 1 Pipe Band under Pipe Major Jake Watson, (Ontario Champions Supreme 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996) played Gibson Pipe Chanters. The Band was featured on a 1995 broadcast of the popular BBC radio program called Pipe Line.  The First track on their CD "On The Beat" features the Gibson Fireside small pipes.

  • The newly reformed City of Toronto Police Grade 1 Pipe Band under the direction of Pipe Major Ian K. MacDonald purchased a new set of Gibson black wood chanters and were noted for doing this just after they had received a new set of the famous and highly acclaimed Sinclair Chanters. The band won the 2001 Ontario Grade 1 Pipe Band Champion Supreme Award. They were also successful in making the qualifiers atthe 2000, 2001 Grade 1 Worlds Championships Pipe Band Competition using their Gibson Chanters.

  • Toronto and District Grade 1 Pipe Band under Pipe Major John Elliot also played Gibson Chanters when they won the 1992 Pipers and Pipe Band Society of Ontario Grade 1 Champion Supreme.

  • The Windsor Regional Police Grade 2 Pipe Band won the 2001 Ontario Grade 2 Pipe Band Champion Supreme with their Gibson plastic chanters.

  • The Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Police Pipe Band won the Ontario 2000 Grade 3 Pipe Band Champion Supreme using the Gibson plastic chanter.

  • The Royal Ulster Constabulary Grade 1 under Pipe Major Nat Russell (of the famed World Champion Victoria Police Pipe Band) played the Gibson chanter.

  • The old 48th Highlanders of Canada under Pipe Major Sandy Dewar of Toronto, grade 2, also played Gibson black wood.

  • The Stirling Pipe Band of Winnipeg, Manitoba, grade 2, also played the Gibson black wood chanter.

  • The City of Detroit Grade 2 Pipe Band had many successes in the years under Pipe Major Bill Baird and PM John Mitchell. Under PM Baird the band played Gibson plastic chanters and under Pipe Major Mitchell they upgraded to the black wood chanters.

  • The City of Aberdeen Grade 3 Pipe Band is one of several bands in England, Ireland and Scotland to recently chose the Gibson Plastic Pipe Chanter.

  • The North Coast Grade 2 Pipe Band of Cleveland, Ohio has standardized with the Gibson Chanter and are the only band to have all Gibson drones too. They recently won the Piping in the 2000 North American Championships at Maxville Ontario. The band has used the Gibson chanter from the time they were in Grade 4 to their present status of Grade 2.

  • The 87th Cleveland PB has also standardized on the Gibson chanter and has won many events from their days from Grade 5 to their present status of Grade 2. They also are using 90% Gibson Drones in the band. Judges often compliment the band on it's steady drone sound.