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Gibson Long Practice Chanters

Gibson Long Practice Chanters

Gibson Bagpipes practice chanters are a stand alone instrument. The quality of the tone and balance of the notes will provide you with a quality of sound and balance that is uncommon in practice chanter manufacturers.
In the band practice session, it will provide a clarity that allows the smallest mistake to be heard and will help a pipe band tighten up their sound like never before. The reed that goes into each chanter is constructed and tested to insure that every chanter has the same bright and balanced sound. As with all Gibson products, you have unparalleled customization options available to you.

With our line of wood practice chanters, you can have the sole and ferrules made of any material you might like to create a unique look to your chanter. Experience the Gibson difference and give yourself a powerful tool that will provide you with a lifetime of solid performance and sound like no other.