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Great Kilt Outfit

The Great Kilt - the original, all purpose attire that made life in the Scottish Highlands practical.

Today it is a joy to wear just to get the feel of what it was like to live then and to realise just how tough our forebears were!

We supply a standard 5 yards of 60" wide fabric in your choice of tartan and will supply all the instructions on how to fold and wear the Great Kilt.

We will discuss your needs with you for this item, as smaller people need less material and you may wish to present the outfit in a certain manner. We are here to help so talk to Graham.

The outfit comes complete with the Great Kilt, buckle belt, sporran, a ghillie shirt and hose colour-matched to suit the tartan of your choice. Note: There may be some price variation based on final tartan selection. 

If you don't wish to hand-fold the kilt each time you wear it we are happy to sew in the pleats to your measurements for an additional cost of $60.00.

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