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Pipers' Choice Highland Bagpipes

The Pipers' Choice range of Highland Bagpipes offer you a great sets of bagpipes at an affordable price. 

These Bagpipes come ready to play, complete with the following: 

  • Bannatyne Medium Zip Bag.
  • Scots in Spirit Standard Bag Cover (Royal Blue with Silver Trim).
  • Scots in Spirit Standard Silk Cords (Silver).
  • Pipers' Choice Standard Chanter Reed (Hard, Medium, or Soft).
  • Pipers' Choice Standard Pipe Chanter (Poly or Wood).
  • Canning Drone Reeds.

We offer the following Bagpipes from Pipers' Choice:

Pipers' Choice Basic Model Highland Bagpipes

Featuring black mounts and ferrules and combed drones.

Pipers' Choice Half Imitation Highland Bagpipes

Featuring imitation ivory projecting mounts and beaded nickle ferrules.

Pipers' Choice Full Imitation Highland Bagpipes

Featuring imitation ivory projecting mounts and ferrules.

If you would like to purchase any of the Pipers' Choice Highland Bagpipes with an alternative setup, contact Graham Foggin directly on (09) 971 7694 or graham@scotsinspirit.com.