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Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit

This classic Prince Charlie outfit is perfect for formal settings, such as 'tuxedo' or white tie events, or wear it on any occasion when you wish to make a grand impression.

The kilt, coatee and vest are all hand-tailored in Scotland, and with hand-picked accessories you can be confident of looking your best.

The outfit comes complete with:

  • Prince Charlie Coat and Waistcoat
  • Traditional Wool Dress Kilt (made to measure in your choice of tartan)
  • Victorian or Wing collar shirt
  • Black bow tie
  • Dress Sporran (with Cantle)
  • Kilt Belt and Buckle
  • Kilt Pin
  • Hose and Flashes
  • Sgian Dubh
  • Leather-soled Ghillie Brogues

Although one would not normally wear a kilt belt and buckle with a waistcoat, the belt and buckle are included in the package so you can wear the Kilt and accessories for other less formal occasions when not wearing a waistcoat.

Additional items such as Fly Plaid and Brooch are available at extra cost.

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