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Real Scottish Sgian Dubh

The Scottish Sgian Dubh is a ceremonial dagger worn as part of the modern Scottish Highland dress along with the kilt. This is a "real" knife, with a blade that will hold an edge and can be used at table or for those jobs that require a sharp knife.

The Sgian Dubh is worn tucked into the hose with only the pommel visible. The name comes from the Gaelic meaning "black knife", where "black" may refer to the usual colour of the handle of the knife. It is also suggested that "black" means secret, or hidden, as in the word blackmail.

The handle is made from Iron Wood and features a tempered blade with a full tang peened at the top of the handle. A wood sheath wrapped in leather is included.


Overall: 6.625" 
Blade Length: 3.375"
Weight: 2 lbs 8 oz
Blade Steel: 5160

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.
Held in stock or imported to order.