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Sgian Dubh

The Sgian Dubh, a small dagger-like knife, makes a lovely gift from Bride to Bridegroom, or for the Bridegroom to show his appreciation to other men in the Wedding Party - particularly with a message engraved on the blade to add that personal touch.

The example shown here is one of our more ornate dress (or formal) designs but there are many others - see Sgian Dubhs Dress and Sgian Dubhs Daywear

Facts about the Sgian Dubh:

The Dress Sgian Dubh is commonly worn at formal events and can be an object of beauty, incorporating decorative carved handles, an ornate sheath, silver designs and sometimes jewels and stones. The Daywear Sgian Dubh, with plain handles in materials such as staghorn and wood plus a leather sheath, is worn at less formal events.

Sgian Dubh is a Gaelic name pronounced “skian doo” (Sgian = knife or dagger; Dubh = black). Although traditionally worn as part of a kilt outfit (tucked into the top of the kilt hose), it can simply be kept as a treasured memento of a special occasion.