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Sheriffmuir Doublet

The Sheriffmuir Doublet is one of the durable formal jackets and comes complete with a special 5-button waistcoat cut with a flat line bottom to suit this jacket style.

It allows many options, including:
 . Neckwear - wear with a lace jabot, a Ruche tie or a bow tie
 . Waistcoat - can be in a range of fabrics, eg: same tartan as the kilt & either diced or straight; same fabric as the doublet; or in a different plain colour
 . Doublet - can be in a range of fabric weights to suit climate and use

Definitely stunning with diced tartan waistcoat and lace jabot and cuffs! Final price depends on fabric choices, please contact us to discuss - graham@scotsinpsirit.com;   (09) 9717694;   021 2255251

Not held in stock - imported to order.